Products M350 Monoblock Amplifiers

M350 Monoblock Amplifiers
Stereo Times Senior Editor Key Kim has choosen the M350 and C1800 MK-II as his 2020 Stereo Times Most Wanted Components Award winner.
M350 reviewed by Stereo Times Senior Editor Key Kim, March 02, 2021.
New Feature:
The M350 now offering a balanced input with the use of the Jensen Line Input Transformer. A true balanced input, not just a XLR connector with single-ended connection.
Built around 300B Triode Tubes:
The M350 is our newest 300B monoblock amplifiers. Generating power from two matched pair of 300B triode tubes per monoblock, the M350 is capable to deliver 50 watts of power per channel. This is achieved by the use of a massive, custom wound power and output transformer specially designed by our engineers. The newly designed circuitry offers more power, deeper bass extension and quieter operation with improved dynamics. Like all other Canary products, the M350 is 100% handcrafted in California with the use of finest parts and components.

The M350 monoblock power amplifiers are specially designed for optimum sound quality. Deliver high power music at wide dynamic range with ultra low distortion, the M350 is simply the finest amplifier one could desire. Maybe the muscular canary doesn't exist in nature, but if one existed, it might sound something like this amplifier.

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Rated Power Output: 50 Watts RMS
Input Sensitivity: 0.75 Volts for full output
Input Impedance: 150,000 Ohms
Frequency Response: +/- 1dB from 10 Hz to 80,000 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion: < 0.2%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: -81 dB below 1 Watt
Damping Factor: 14
Power Consumption: 350 Watts (true RMS)
Output Impedance: 4, 8 Ohm
Tube Complement (per monoblock): 4 x 300B
2 x 6SN7
Dimensions (per monoblock): 12.5" W x 20" D x 8.25" H
Net Weight (per monoblock): 50 lbs.
Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labor

Specifications subject to change without notice.